Transforming Experiences

Livingroom transforms employee experiences by facilitating an iterative data-driven process, challenging assumptions, redefining problems and experimenting with innovative solutions.
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Solution Overview

Building a World-Class Employee Experience

Employee Experience & Engagement Surveys

Vast Integration Possibilities

Behavioral Analytics

Employee Front-End Platform

Employee Experience Journeys

Suggested Manager Actions

Customized Apps

Tailored Workflows

Chatbots & Conversational Interfaces

Uncover Organizational Challenges

Unwrap hidden patterns with Livingroom combining dialogue-based interactions, HR workforce data and digital behavioral analytics.

Visualize Strengths & Weaknesses

Gain a deeper understanding of your employee experience data with Livingroom's interactive and colorful visualizations.

Build Your Employee Experience Solution

Use Livingroom to design and improve employee experiences. Create interactive digital spaces, automate HR processes and simplify administrative tasks.

Livingroom Roadmap

Follow our development roadmap and take a glimpse at some exciting new features that are coming soon.

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Making Communities Work
Discover How Livingroom Can Transform Your Employee Experiences