The Livingroom Employee Experience Management Platform

Livingroom transforms the way organisations work with employee experience through an iterative, data-driven process. We built Livingroom to empower organizations to better understand their employees and take appropriate corrective action to address issues. From onboarding to offboarding, we help uncover hidden issues and challenge conventional assumptions about challenges facing employees in the work place.  Our innovative employee listening platform provides deeper insights than any other solution we know of while also avoiding survey fatigue.
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Jotunheim Release - A Whole New Experience

The soon to be released, new generation of the Livingroom EXMP (Jotunheim Release), represents a quantum leap in managing employee experience. Easy to use, functionally rich and customizable to your organization’s unique requirements, Jotunheim achieves new heights in the employee experience arena. From our unique drill-down survey module through our proprietary, research-based EXMP algorithm (the Bovim Model) to our comprehensive design tool (Livingroom STUDIO) that lets you tailor the out-of-the-box solution to your specific needs, Jotunheimen sets a new standard in helping you make your employees feel inspired, included and involved.

Run Tailored Employee Experience Surveys

With our innovative employee experience survey, we are setting a new standard for employee feedback. Livingroom's drill-down surveys are dialogue-based and designed to avoid survey fatigue, taking no more than 5-7 minutes to drill down into each employee's individual concerns. Quite unique, our survey algorithm diagnoses issues from amongst 1700 potential employee experience factors (drivers).

Gain New Insights & Uncover Key Issues

Based on the extensively researched Bovim Model, Livingroom's fine-grained, color-coded, radial heatmap, allows managers to easily identify critical employee experience drivers that require corrective action. The heatmap illuminates drivers at different zoom levels and provides powerful insights into the strengths and challenges of the organization.


Use Action Plans To Improve Experience

Using a visual Kanban board, Livingroom provides managers with a clear overview of actions for improving employee experiences. Helping managers organize and implement actions, the visual board also nudges managers to take action, highlighting progress and predicted chance of success.

Accurate Modelling Of Your Organization

Accurately setting up your organizational chart is a critical element in successfully measuring employee experience. This processes often cumbersome. We make it easy with our auto-generated organizational chart based on your core HR data. Using our drag-and-drop design tool, the initial chart can easily be modified to reflect organizational changes. 

worforce data3

Integrate HR Workforce Data

Livingroom makes it easy to import and view employee data. Employee data can be imported from Excel or through an API connection with your core HR system. Additions and modification to the initial employee dataset can be easily be made in Livingroom.

Configurable Reporting At All Organizational Levels

Livingroom comes with a set of pre-built reports showing key indicators for the individual employee, the team level, department level and all the way up to the whole organization. These reports are designed to clearly convey findings and provide a quick overview over key results. You can customize pre-built reports, report on demographic segments, or add new reports from scratch.

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Journey Mapping

From onboarding to off-boarding, the employee journey is made up of a sequence of experiences. With Livingroom you can continually map and visualize the different steps in the journey, in order to identify less than optimal moments or periods in the employees' journey. Take action to improve the  journey.

Livingroom Studio: A Comprehensive Set Of Design Tools

studio overview

Livingroom offers a substantial set of features and functions out-of-the-box. However, every organization will still have additional and often unique requirements. With the Jotunheimen release we provide a set of capabilities for extending the solution through codeless development. In Jotunheim we provide a powerful design environment - Livingroom STUDIO - where you can adapt and extend our standard solution. Whether you want to modify the core survey module, add organization-specific surveys, reconfigure work-flows, add some tailored-made reports or build support apps, Livingroom STUDIO makes this possible.


Design & Automate Processes

Design workflows tailored to the way your organization prefers to work. By automating everyday tasks associated with managing the employee experience assessment process,  your organization will be able to increase efficiency and streamline operations related to assessing and improving employee experience.

Make Custom Surveys

Our proprietary survey model offers the industry’s most comprehensive employee experience survey. Be that as it may, many organizations may wish to add additional surveys, whether it be quick polls to take the pulse of the organization in relation to a particular issue or organization-specific surveys that are unique to your particular organization’s business. Livingroom STUDIO's Survey Builder enables you to do so.

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Build Own Apps

Livingroom STUDIO’s powerful App Builder enables you to codelessly design and build support apps from scratch with the help of a set of intuitive drag-and-drop features. As such you can readily extend the environment around our core solution in order to create a  tailored digital experience for your employees.

And So Much More.

As something new, the Jotunheim release offers a series of optional pre-built support apps that will extend and enhance Livingroom’s standard functionality – out-of-the-box. Two such apps that are attracting interest in the market are our APV App and our Whistleblower App.

Our APV web app is an extension to our core survey module, designed specifically for Danish organizations to conduct arbejdspladsvurdering (APV) assessments. It helps organizations evaluate and improve the workplace environment to ensure the well-being and safety of their employees. With the APV web app, organizations can easily identify potential risks and take necessary measures to comply with Danish regulations.

Whistleblower App
Our Whistleblower web app is an additional tool that enables employees to securely report potential misconduct or violations within their organization. It allows employees to confidentially and safely report any concerns without fear of retaliation, and provides a centralized system to receive, track, and manage reports. With the app, organizations can promote a culture of transparency and accountability, and uphold ethical standards and legal obligations.

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