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Our innovative employee experience management platform with comprehensive people insights & tailored actions.

Assess: Feedback & Data 

  • Our groundbreaking dynamic drill-down survey, powered by the Bovim Model
  • Covering 1700+ research-based drivers
  • Assessing Employee Engagement, Experience & Performance
  • Quick to answer (5-7 minutes)  

Analyze: Visualizations & Reports

  •  Multiple pre-build reports for employees & managers
  • Unique Bovim Model radial heatmap. Understand experience strengths & challenges in depth.

Act: Improve Your Organization

  • Automated action plans for managers with simple and do-able actions

The Livingroom Platform Basics

  • Role-based access for employees, leaders and admins
  • Elegant & simple visual interface
  • Personal customizable profiles
  • Data anonymity on admin level
  • Advanced enterprise security & privacy


  • Online chat & email 2nd level customer support

Most Popular


Covers everything in Basic. Plus extended and customizable feedback, journey mapping, workflows, dedicated customer support and more.

Assess: Extended, Customizable Data

  • Run multiple surveys at the same time
  • Add own questions, select topics, multiple target groups and auto-scheduling
  • Choose template surveys (pulse surveys, leadership surveys etc.), or build your own survey
  • Support matrix organizations with cross reporting
  • Automate the data gathering process designing customized workflows

Analyze: Journey Mapping & Reports

  • Access extended employee experience reports
  • Forecasts: 3 months machine learning forecast.
  • Design, visualize & track employee journeys using Livingroom's unique Journey Mapping Tool

Act: Improve Employee Journeys

  • Improve employee journeys with Livingroom's employee journey action plans
  • Upgrade and boost your selected employee journey: onboarding, learning, performance or other.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • Get your dedicated Customer Success Manager, advice on survey strategy, analytics and action implementation.


All the power of Grow. Plus always listening, customer experience data, learning module, design no-code test apps.

Assess: Instant Feedback & Extended Data

  • Add Always Listening to allow employees to provide self-initiated everyday feedback on selected areas
  • Combine employee experience data with own data sets, e.g. customer experience or sales data
  • Combine employee experience data with advanced HR master data, e.g. salary & benefits

Analyze: Cross-Function Reports

  • Get help from the Livingroom team to create custom analytics & reports
  • Add Livingroom's Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) dashboard
  • Cross-function dashboards, e.g., combining customer experience and employee experience,

Act: Learning, Experiments, No-Code Micro Apps, Coaching

  • Give managers access to our Learning Module, add own content and boost growth
  • Together with the Livingroom team, use Livingroom Studio to design and test no-code employee experience micro apps, e.g. for onboarding.
  • Get help implementing a leadership coaching program

Employee Experience Transformation Partner

  • An expert employee experience consultant will be your sparring partner, helping you succeed with designing and managing an outstanding employee experience.