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Our groundbreaking employee experience management platform with comprehensive people insights & tailored actions based on the Bovim Model.

 Employee Engagement & Experience 
  Dynamic drill-down survey
  Propriety Bovim EX Model

  1700+ research-based drivers 
  Quick to answer (5-7 minutes) 
  Standard pre-built reports
  Unique zoomable radial heatmap
  Automated action plans
  Online chat & email support


Covers everything in Basic. Plus extended and customizable feedback, journey mapping, workflows, dedicated customer support and more.

  Add own questions & topics
  Additional surveys included 
  Build your own surveys
 Customized survey workflows 
 Flexible survey scheduling

  Track employee journeys 
  Modify or build your own reports
  Schedule actions and allocate tasks
  Set up action reminders

  Access Livingroom Studio (Basic)
  Dedicated Customer Success Manager.


All the power of Grow. Plus access to extended datasets, advanced people analytics and codeless design of own apps.

  Integrate with own data sets
  Drag-and-drop statistical analyses
  Machine learning prediction models
 Access Livingroom Studio (Complete)
       Survey Builder
       Flow Manager
       Report Builder
       Data Manager
       App Builder
       People Analytics Module

  Create supporting web apps 

  Access to expert EX Consultant

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Core Functions

Assess: Employee Feedback

Dynamic drill-down survey, powered by the Bovim Model
Based on 1700+ research-based drivers
Covers Employee Engagement and Employee Experience
Quick to answer (5-7 minutes), eliminating survey fatigue.
Extend the Bovim survey with own questions and topics  
Target multiple groups  
Access to additional survey templates (e.g., pulse surveys)   
Build your own survey  
Run multiple surveys at the same time  
Automate the data gathering process with flexible scheduling and customized workflows.  
Track employee journeys using Livingroom's unique Journey Mapping Tool.  
Combine employee experience data with own data sets, such as customer experience data, sales data, extended HR data (e.g., salary and benefits).    

Analyze: Visualizations & Reports

Standard pre-built reports for employees, managers & HR.
Unique zoomable radial heatmap. In-depth analysis of employee experience strengths & challenges.
Additional pre-built employee experience reports  
Modify standard reports  
Build your own report  
Drag-and-drop creation of in-depth statistical analyses.    
Use of machine learning models to predict the trajectory of employee experience.    

Act: Ensure Timely Action

Automated action plans for managers with simple and do-able actions.
Schedule actions and allocate tasks  
Set up reminders  
Overview of action implementation & performance for HR Business Partners and line managers.  
Use Livingroom Studio to create your own web apps to support action and facilitate change.    

Platform Features

Inclusion of core HR data
Automated org chart
Support for matrix organizations with cross reporting
Role-based access for employees, leaders and admins
Elegant & simple visual interface
Data privacy at all levels
Enterprise security

Livingroom STUDIO

A powerful design environment for codeless extension of the standard solution.  
- Survey Builder  
- Flow Manager  
- Report Builder  
- Data Manager    
- App Builder    
- People Analytics Module    


Online chat & email 2nd level customer support    
Dedicated Customer Success Manager, advice on survey strategy, analytics and action implementation.    
Expert Employee Experience Consultant to be your sparring partner and help you design and manage an outstanding employee experience.    


* Grow and Premium plans will both be available with the Jotunheimen release scheduled for August 2023.

Optional support web apps

Additional support apps can optionally be purchased as and when they are published. Currently, the apps below will be available as part of the Jotunheimen release (scheduled for August 2023). 

Our APV web app is an extension to our core survey module, designed specifically for Danish organizations to conduct arbejdspladsvurdering (APV) assessments. It helps organizations evaluate and improve the workplace environment to ensure the well-being and safety of their employees. With the APV web app, organizations can easily identify potential risks and take necessary measures to comply with Danish regulations.

Whistleblower App
Our Whistleblower web app is an additional tool that enables employees to securely report potential misconduct or violations within their organization. It allows employees to confidentially and safely report any concerns without fear of retaliation, and provides a centralized system to receive, track, and manage reports. With the app, organizations can promote a culture of transparency and accountability, and uphold ethical standards and legal obligations.

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