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Why Is Employee Experience Growing In Popularity?

Published on 22nd of August 2022

Michela Merotto
Marketing Associate @Livingroom

Over the last few years, employee experience has grown in popularity, becoming the focus of attention for many HR departments. Why is this happening? Continue reading this blog post to find it out! 👀

4 Reasons Employee Experience Is Growing In Popularity

Employee experience is becoming trending in the corporate world, where it is embraced by thought leaders and authoritative corporations. There are four main reasons behind the increased interest and popularity in employee experience. Let´s find them out together:

1. War For Talent - the first reason why employee experience is growing in popularity is the so-called “war for talent” that is happening on a global scale. Companies are fighting for talents because baby boomers are retiring and there is an urgent need to hire new, high skilled people. According to a study from Gartner (n=2848; Gartner 2019a), more than 50% of executives are worried about the time required to fill the open positions.

War for Talent

2. Employee Expectations - Employees expectations have changed over time. Nowadays, employees expect a personalized, simplified, and elegant digital employee experience. In other words, they want the same quality experience at work as they receive as customers. Moreover, millennials are seeking to contribute positively to the society and want a clear sense of purpose:

"In a world where money is no longer the primary motivating factor for employees, focusing on employee experience is the most promising advantage that organizations can create."

- Morgan (2015)

3. Company Reputation - before applying, employees want and look for insights into their future employee experience. Social media has enabled stories of negative workplace experiences to quickly go viral, seriously damaging a company´s reputation and thus not attracting new employees. The increasing importance of their reputation has led companies to invest more and more in employee experience.

Company Reputation

4. Digital Transformation and Remote Work - the increasing demand for remote work (especially after the pandemic) requires new considerations since the employee experience at home is different from the office experience. Therefore, to enable a positive remote employee experience, a different approach is required, leading employers to look for solutions to manage and optimize the employee experience, both at the office and at home.

Work from Home

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