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HR's Role In Delivering Employee Experience

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Mads Halling Gebuhr
Marketing Associate @Livingroom

Over the past few years, the role of HR has changed substantially. No longer is it
simply a personnel department responsible for payroll and recruitment, HR has become integral to corporate strategy. Beyond being a mere sounding board for
upper management, HR departments are
an internal business partner saddled with responsibility for organizational change. This article showcases how the employee experience agenda challenges HR and how HR plays an important role when it comes to delivering employee experience.

Easier Said Than Done

Delivering employee experience can be quite a challenge. However, once the experience challenges has been mapped out, the redesigning of the workplace can begin. This can include the practices, processes, protocols, software, and activities that can be changed to improve the employee experience. These changes can be made by, for example, improving HR delivery (simplification and automatization), organizational design (streamlining and optimizing), IT systems (simplifying and integrating), and workplace facilities (making it functional and inspirational).

"Rather than the traditional “transactional” human resource strategy, the organization must more deeply understand the needs, wants, fears and emotions of each employee. The goal of this strategy is not to provide services, but to design an experience that demonstrates care for the employees within the context of their work".

Source: Plaskoff, 2017

Co-Creating The Solution

Moving from analysis to action can be difficult, with 49% of HR leaders responding affirmatively to the statement, “We’re unsure how to design the organization to be faster and more responsive” according to the 2020 Future of HR Survey by Gartner

Successful employee experience delivery depends on co-creating the solution. Engaging employees in both feedback and solutions development secures ownership and builds trust. There are many ways to involve employees, ranging from creative workshops to digital discussions. Importantly, co-creation can be fun and involve aspects of play.

What To Do From Here?

Given the various moving parts, getting started with employee experience can be overwhelming. So, where can leaders get more help and what are the next steps organizations might take

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