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Evergas: Investing In Employee Experience with Livingroom Analytics 


With roots dating back to 1883, Evergas is one of the world’s leading seaborne transporters of petrochemical gases and natural gas liquids. The Danish shipping company, owned by Greenship Gas & Jaccar Holdings, focuses on making gas transport simple and safe, and to set new standards for efficient and sustainable gas transport at sea.

In accordance with these goals, Evergas has established itself as a leader in the industry. The company employs a diverse workforce of over 500 people, who work together to achieve its goals and maintain its position at the forefront of the industry. With a commitment to excellence in all areas of its operations, Evergas is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible experience.

As a forward-thinking company in the shipping industry, Evergas found itself facing a common challenge: retaining and engaging top talent – a key element in ensuring the best possible customer experience. While labor is an important resource, hiring new people takes time and is costly. Thus, for Evergas, attracting and retaining top talent is key. 

To tackle this challenge, Evergas invested in the Livingroom Employee Experience Management Platform. The Livingroom platform assists Evergas in listening to their employees, understanding their challenges as well as acting on employee feedback to improve employee experience and hence the performance of the company.

Prioritizing Employee Experience

For Evergas’ management and staff alike, employee feedback is extremely important. By investing in the Livingroom platform Everagas has given their employees a voice, thereby ensuring that employees feel more appreciated and valued. The CEO of Evergas, Steffen Jacobsen, acknowledges the value of listening to employees from his many years of prior experience in Maersk:

« Labor is an extremely valuable resource and retention of the right employee can influence the bottom-line. Even though a little renewal can be healthy for an organization, good retention can become a                                                strong competitive advantage.»                               

- Steffen Jacobsen, CEO Evergas

An Intuitive Solution

The Livingroom Employee Experience Management Platform offers an innovative approach to gathering employee feedback. Compared to traditional surveys, Livingroom’s solution has allowed Evergas to run more frequent surveys and at the same time dig deeper into employee challenges. Although extremely comprehensive, the Livingroom surveys are easy to set up, which ensures a smooth process for onboarding employees; and quick to respond to, which eliminates the risk of survey fatigue amongst employees.

Steffen Jacobsen was impressed with the Livingroom's approach, «Livingroom is a more manageable tool than what we have used before. I am used to getting an excel sheet with 15 pages for each ship. We like the Bovim Model and with Livingroom’s radial heatmap, it’s easier to get an overview and work with and it’s intuitive to see where the problems are.»

Facts About Livingroom

The Livingroom Employee Experience Management Platform provides an innovative approach to employee feedback. It’s proprietary, dynamic survey module is dialogue-based and is designed to adapt in real-time to each employee's individual concerns based on tailored questions and the employee’s initial responses. Leveraging its unique, researched-based Bovim Model, Livingroom makes it possible to quickly diagnose issues from amongst 1700 research-based employee experience areas and provide a much higher granularity than other listening tools.

Creating A Competitive Advantage

For Evergas, as Mr. Jacobsen points out, investing in employee experience creates a competitive advantage. Providing a high level of service to customers is important and the CEO believes that a happy workforce leads to a better customer experience: «Our clients demand a good customer experience, so it’s important for our customers that our ships sustain excellent workers».    

By using the Livingroom Employee Experience Management Platform, Evergas is able to continually monitor and improve their employee experience, leading to better retention of top talent and ultimately to improved customer satisfaction.

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