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Roar V. Bovim

Roar V. Bovim
CEO & Founder @Livingroom

You can access the My Team Page from the left-sided menu.

The page displays an overview of your team’s engagement results over time, suggestions for improvement on a team level, and comments from your manager.

NOTE: It will first show when the team survey is closed. Please return to Livingroom later to see your team results.

The software measures your engagement by analyzing how included, inspired, and involved you are. The three circles on the top of the page show your team’s score (low, medium, or high) on each of these three. The graph below shows your team’s engagement score over time, on a scale from 0 to 10.

In the Bot Feedback section, you will see Aria’s comments based on your team’s survey responses. She will let you know about your team’s strengths, as well as about the areas where you could improve together.

At the bottom of the page, in the Manager Feedback section, you can see comments from your manager.

Team Page