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Whitelisting Emails

Roar V. Bovim

Roar V. Bovim
CEO & Founder @Livingroom

It is important to make sure that emails from Livingroom are not blocked or landing in the spam folder.

NOTE: If you skip this step, there’s a chance that employees are not receiving their invitation to join Livingroom and are not able to sign up to Livingroom.


Your IT department can easily whitelist email addresses and Livingroom's dedicated sender IP address to make sure that the Livingroom emails come through.

Email addresses used by Livingroom are the following:

The Microsoft email address above is used when a user wants to reset his/her password or use our alternative sign-up method. All other emails are sent from the Livingroom app and support addresses.


Livingroom uses the trusted and reputable Twilio Sendgrid to send emails and has taken steps to secure a good email reputation:

  • Domain Authentication - We confirm to inbox providers that we own the Livingroom domain we are sending from.
  • Link Branding - All tracking links are using our Livingroom domain.
  • Reverse DNS - We communicate to inbox providers that we control the IP address we are sending from.


Livingroom uses a dedicated IP-address to send emails, further ensuring a good email reputation:


This IP-address is static and not expected to change.


Please take steps to whitelist our IP in Office 365.

Step 1: Set up your IP allow list in the Admin > Exchange > Connection Filter section.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the default connection filter policy.
  • Add the Livingroom sender IP-address under the IP Allow List.

Step 2: Bypass clutter and spam filtering in the Admin > Mail > Mail Flow > Rules section.

  • In the Apply this rule if... box, choose The sender.
  • Choose IP Address is in any of these ranges or exactly matches, and type in the Livingroom sender IP-address.
  • In Do the following..., choose Modify the message properties... and Set the message header.
  • Click on the Enter text... button and choose X-MS-Exchange-Organization-BypassClutter.
  • Edit to the value and write "true" (case sensitive).
  • In the Do the following... drop down menu, select Modify the message properties, click Set the spam confidence level (SCL) to... and choose Bypass Spam Filtering.
  • Click Save.


Below is a quick guide on how to whitelist email addresses in Office 365. If you are using another email client, please refer to the documentation for your respective client.

NOTE: you need to be an administrator of your Office account in order to whitelist email addresses for your employees.

For Office 365, follow these quick steps to whitelist email addresses from Livingroom:

  • Log in online to your Microsoft 365 account;
  • Click on Administrator. Only Office administrators can see this choice;
  • Open the Exchange Admin Center. In your left menu list, scroll down to find Exchange and click on this;
  • Click on Protection;
  • Click on Spam Filter;
  • Double click on Default;
  • Click on Allow Lists;
  • Under Allow Lists, click on the plus sign;
  • A window pops up. Add the following two email addresses used by Livingroom on two separate lines:
  • Click Save.

NOTE: Make sure you repeat the process if you own and use several domains for employee emails!


After whitelisting emails from Livingroom, perform a test round through Livingroom with a few selected email addresses in order to make sure that the whitelisting is correctly set up.