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What is Livingroom?

Roar V. Bovim

Roar V. Bovim
CEO & Founder @Livingroom

Livingroom is an employee engagement platform, designed to help your organization build a thriving workplace. Our platform will support you in facilitating a culture of belonging, where employees feel Included, Inspired and Involved – the 3 most important ingredients of a well-functioning and well-performing organization.

Learning Tips: If you want to get a quick introduction to the 3 I’s (Include, Inspire, Involve), check out our online article How Airbnb Became The World’s Best Place To Work.

The first step in improving your organization is establishing processes for feedback. Timely and proper employee feedback will guide your managers in what actions to take and help them mature as leaders. However, the employees are responsible for creating a healthy work environment as well and they also need feedback in order to grow. Livingroom helps you establish a fruitful feedback culture in your organization where feedback flows both ways.

In this tutorial we will cover the basics of how Livingroom works and what you can do with Livingroom, among others:

  • Planning the implementation of Livingroom;
  • Setting up your company account: adding company data, teams, and employee data;
  • Setting up Livingroom’s dynamic workplace surveys;
  • Launching surveys and onboarding employees;
  • Gaining organizational insights and learning from your team results;
  • Implementing management actions and engaging managers with Livingroom.


NOTE: We highly recommend that your company selects a key person as the owner/senior administrator of Livingroom. The Livingroom Admins are trained as superusers and have three role responsibilities:

  1. Keeping Livingroom up to date with the company’s HR data;
  2. Running surveys and making decisions regarding Livingroom,
  3. Answering questions from employees and leaders regarding Livingroom.