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Tailored Suggested Actions and Best Practice

Roar V. Bovim

Roar V. Bovim
CEO & Founder @Livingroom

When the survey has been launched, the employees have two weeks to respond before the survey closes and your results are shown. Depending on the responses, the Livingroom platform will provide you with a minimum of three actions tailored to your areas of improvement. The actions will be shown based on their individual degree of urgency (from red to green).

On the Actions Page, three lists, named To do, Doing, and Done, identify the process of the actions as they are handled by the management.

After having read and reviewed the results and the suggested actions, the management can add their own initiatives to approach the area of improvement, and as the initiative starts, the action can be moved from To Do, to Doing, and, eventually, to Done.

You can add an action to the card by clicking + Add Action.


We recommend surveys to be completed quarterly, as it provides you with time to assess and begin the initiatives for improvement.