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Navigating in Livingroom

Roar V. Bovim

Roar V. Bovim
CEO & Founder @Livingroom

It is quite simple to navigate through the different Livingroom pages. The main navigation menu is the left box to the left of your browser window. Use the navigation menu to navigate between the main Livingroom pages.

Changing Team/Company Views

If you click on the logo at the top of the left navigation menu, you see a drop-down menu where you can choose to view 1) the whole company or 2) one of the teams you have set up. This view choice will change the scores you see in the Dashboard, Drivers, Results, and Actions pages.

NOTE: If you change the view, e.g. to another team, you need to return to the Dashboard page for the changes to appear.

Seeing Survey Results

The Dashboard, Drivers, and Results pages shows scores from your recent survey, summarizing the whole company or the one team you have chosen for your view (see above):

  • Dashboard Page: shows an overview of your main results;
  • Drivers Page: shows scores for the 12 main drivers of engagement and performance;
  • Results Page: shows scores for Engagement and Performance, the results of the drivers;
  • Action Page: shows suggestions for actions related to the current survey. NOTE: This page also shows ongoing actions as well as completed actions related to previous survey rounds.

Setting Up Livingroom

The other options in the navigation menu – below the line – are concerned with setting up Livingroom, and are only available for Livingroom Administrators:

  • Company Page: adding company data;
  • Design Page: shows an overview of your organizational chart;
  • Team Page: adding team data;
  • Employee Page: adding employee data;
  • Survey Page: setting up and launching surveys.

Changing Personal Settings and Signing Out

If you want to change your personal settings in the Livingroom Admin App, click on your picture or name in the top right corner of your window. In the dropdown menu you can see several choices:

  • Editing Account. If you want to change your current admin name, press Editing Account. You will have to retype your email and password to get access to the changing name possibility;
  • Changing Password. Select this option if you want to change or update your password;
  • Signing Out. Select this to sign out of Livingroom;
  • Change Your Admin Picture. To change your admin picture, please click on the pencil in the upper right corner (for the best results, choose a squared picture with the same heights and widths. We recommend a not too big file, preferably 400x400 pixels);
  • Send documents to us. A last option in this menu is the sending documents to Livingroom. There might be that you need to send documents to us, for example employee data in an Excel Document. Since email communication is not secure, we have provided this secure way of sharing documents with Livingroom. The documents will be sent directly through our secure cloud and stored in the cloud together your other company and employee data.