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Livingroom Key Drivers and Questions

Roar V. Bovim

Roar V. Bovim
CEO & Founder @Livingroom

All Livingroom drivers are research-based and cover important areas in the organization that influence employee engagement and performance. While there are as many as 1700+ drivers in Livingroom, Livingroom has 12 key drivers which together provide a bird view of the company’s employee workplace experience. Each of these 12 drivers has a corresponding question in the employee surveys.

Livingroom Dimensions


Belonging. Q: I feel a sense of belonging at work.

Appreciation. Q: In @company, we are appreciated for the work we do.

Communication. Q: We communicate well at @company.

Collaboration. Q: We collaborate well at @company.



Purpose. Q: I feel a sense of purpose at work.

Growth & Development. Q: At @company, we focus on growth and development.

Leadership. Q: Our managers and leaders are doing their job well.

Work Facilities. Q: Our physical working environment is suited for the work we do.



Task Satisfaction. Q: I am satisfied with the work tasks I am performing.

Task Execution. Q: In @company, we perform our tasks in a good and effective way.

Influence. Q: I feel that I have great influence at work.

Autonomy. Q: In doing my work, I have a lot of freedom.