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Communicating Livingroom to the Organization

Roar V. Bovim

Roar V. Bovim
CEO & Founder @Livingroom

When you have completed setting up your company, teams, and employees you are ready to plan and launch surveys. Before sending out surveys, make sure you have:

  • Double-checked the company, teams, and employee data;
  • Whitelisted the Livingroom Emails for your company’s email domains (see guide);
  • Communicated the collaboration with Livingroom to employees;
  • Made a plan for following up on results;
  • Informed, invited, and trained your leaders for participating.

We highly recommend that you communicate the collaboration with Livingroom Analytics to your employees in advance before launching your first survey. Including the employees in the underlying purpose of the initiative will create a more positive attitude towards the surveys.

This is not just another employee satisfaction survey, but an initiative to ensure a healthy and fun work environment for all, and it is important that this is communicated clearly.

In your communication with your employees it is good to mention that:

  1. You are doing this for them;
  2. The top management is backing the Livingroom platform and wants to act towards creating a better work environment for all;
  3. Their answers are highly appreciated;
  4. The surveys are 100% anonymous, ensured by a third party (Livingroom Analytics).

Whether you prefer to inform your employees about the initiative through an in-person meeting or via email is up to you, but we highly recommend that you leave the possibility for employees to raise questions.

If you want to communicate Livingroom to your employees via email, we’ve created a little template for your inspiration that you are free to use and/or edit for your organization:

Dear team, 

[Company Name] has decided to join forces with Livingroom Analytics to make sure that you, as employees, have the best possible environment to thrive!

Livingroom will be performing anonymous [monthly/quarterly] surveys to better understand the working environment and culture we all are part of. We believe that the data gathered through Livingroom will give us the information needed to enhance areas in the workspace that you think need improvement.

You will receive an email with an invite to the first survey on [start date]. We kindly ask you to sign up to the platform and complete the survey within [end date]. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes! Please read the short instructions at

Once again, the surveys are 100% anonymous to the employer and your managers, and we will at no time gain access to your individual answers.

We are really excited to get started and hope you will help us create a better workplace for all of us!

If you have any questions about this new tool, feel free to reach out!

Best wishes,

Contact person in [company name]: [contact person]


It is important that you evaluate how mature your organization is and how receptive it will be for the new initiative. Our experience tells that survey response rates will depend on the maturity of your organization but also upon HOW WELL YOU HAVE COMMUNICATED LIVINGROOM IN ADVANCE.

  • Make it a happening and plan an inspiring poster that introduces the workplace surveys. Place the poster on strategic places throughout your locations
  • Post inspiring posts/banners on your internal communication channel about the survey coming-up;
  • Take inspiring pictures and post them on the first survey day;
  • Engage leaders in promoting Livingroom by being the first to sign up;
  • Choose a few AMBASSADORS advocating the workplace survey.