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Put employees at the center of your business with the Livingroom EX Management Platform. The ultimate platform for measuring, analyzing, & improving employee experiences.

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Listen Effectively & Uncover Challenges

Livingroom is setting a new standard for employee feedback. Our unique data-driven approach gives employees a voice and builds the foundation for an outstanding employee experience:

  • Groundbreaking EX Drill-Down Survey (5-7 min). 18-times deeper than any other known experience survey.
  • Track and map Employee Journeys
  • Don't let your employees wait. Use Always-On Listening.
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Visualize Strengths and Weaknesses 

Livingroom's data visualization engine makes complex data comprehensible, accessible and actionable for HR and line managers.

  • Managers get full overview of his/her unit experiences with Livingroom's unique fine-grained, radial heatmap.
  • Analyze critical issues and growth opportunities.
  • Study journey maps and identify moments that matter.
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Act On Feedback & Improve Employee Journeys 

Moving beyond analytics and insights, Livingroom excels in providing tools to take action and transform employee experiences.

  • Livingroom's Kanban board provides managers with a clear overview of actions
  • Suggesting actions and using AI to highlight predicted chance of success 
  • Built-in Learning Module. Educate line managers to take action and to take ownership of own growth.
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Much more.

 Custom Poll Surveys 

   HR & Operational Data

   Automated Workflows

    Forecasts & AI

    Dashboards & Reports

    Change Tools

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Very helpful in prioritizing efforts

“The Livingroom Platform has given us deep insights into our organization and has been very helpful in prioritizing our efforts when it comes to improving our workplace and employee experience”.

Christoffer Bjørk Petersen 
Senior HR Development & Recruitment Partner



What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience covers the total experiences an employee has with the organization throughout the employee journey. Improving employee experience is critical in today's rapidly changing world, marked by digitalization, war for talent and global health issues.
«The customer experience is dependent on the employee experience. Every time we make employees’ lives better, we better serve customers as well.»
- Josh Bersin, thought leader within HR, leadership, and HR technology.

Elegantly Designed

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Reshaping Employee Experience

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Disrupting Design

Livingroom exceeds the standard of employee experience platforms with its disruptive design. Our technology strengthens everyday human interactions, promotes organizational well-being and boosts a thriving community.
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Designed by Science

Grounded in Research

The Livingroom Employee Experience Platform is framed by Design Thinking and based on 25 years of research within social psychology and organizational behavior. Our approach secures a reliable process from data collection to action implementation.

Designed With Principles

Advancing Human Technology

Our technology is intentionally designed with sound values to enhance the well-being of the end user. Rather than controlling employees' behavior, our technology is functioning as a tool, providing the users with choices and full transparency.

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Employees helping and supporting each other

Designed to Serve a Purpose

Taking the Community Perspective

Every thriving business is founded upon a healthy workplace community. Livingroom's analytics and suggested actions facilitates the transition from "I" to "we" by empowering the organization to build a culture of belonging where employees feel included, inspired and involved.

Anonymity and Security

Secure by Design


GDPR Compliance All the Way

Livingroom is at the frontier of secure employee experience platforms, by following the best-in-breed frameworks and security standards. We ensure GDPR compliance throughout all our processes.


A Quality Platform You Can Trust

Livingroom is partnered with DeviQA, one of the best software testing companies in Europe.  Through our collaboration we will work together to ensure that our customers have a seamless experience with our platform.

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