Build Your Employee Experience Solution

Use Livingroom to design and improve employee experiences. Create interactive digital spaces, automate HR processes and simplify administrative tasks.
Team designing and building a digital product
Selection of Livingroom's customizable apps

Utilize Customized Apps

Livingroom comes with a number of pre-designed apps, covering areas such as communication and onboarding. Our selection of apps are ready-to-use for everyday business processes, but can as well be customized to your organization's needs.

Build Your Own Apps

Offering a no-code environment, Livingroom provides the opportunity to build and design apps from scratch with the help of drag-and-drop tools. Gaining complete control of your own apps, your organization can create and deliver amazing digital experiences for employees.

Creation of a digital space with drag-and-drop tools
Creation of a workflow with drag-and-drop tools

Automate HR Processes

Avoid wasting time on repetitive HR tasks and design workflows tailored to your particular organizational activities. By automating HR processes and everyday tasks, your organization can improve employee experiences, increase efficiency and streamline operations.

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